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Play Papas Games on iPad. Free iPhone games. Enjoy one-touch virtual reality with our all-original content on iPad. Featuring:

Games like Papas Time. These games are great for students, parents and anyone else who want to have fun while learning. Gameplay is simple enough for a child to pick up and learn the rules. As you move through the levels, your character earns points that can be used to purchase cookies, add-ons, unlock new levels, buy tickets, get cash discounts, and even make reservations at the sash window! It’s also great for making sure that your child gets a good grade by learning about time management skills, as well as improving their oral and written comprehension skills, through mastering the advanced levels of these educational games.

Game #1: Chef Kung Fu. Try this game. Cook up some scrumptious Kung Fu for your own enjoyment. This fun online cooking game involves whisking up tasty dishes using your culinary skills only using scrumptious ingredients from the land of Kung Fu. You can use fruits, vegetables, meats, spices and more to create delectable Kung Fu dishes. This game features an original score based system where you’ll be prompted to choose from different styles such as the traditional, contemporary and Kung Fu influenced styles.

Game #2: Papas Time. Papas Time is another free iPhone game for the whole family. In this time management game, you play as Ginger, a young chef in a Chinese restaurant. The objective of the game is to make the business run smoothly by managing the kitchen staff, making orders, selecting recipes and so much more. You’ll use various tools such as the chopsticks, paper, levers and others to serve up your customers’ orders with finesse.

Game #3: The Secret Kingdom of Papas. If you love fantasy and magical stories, then you’re in for a treat with this engaging online cooking games for iPhone. Take control of Ginger as you travel across the great lands of Papas to find your lost friend, Jafar the Genie. Along your journey, you’ll meet up with several hilarious characters like Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the Wolf, Genie and Aladdin’s adviser, Kuzuki. There are also several challenging levels in this iPhone title that you will surely enjoy playing.

Game #4: Freezeria. If you love ice cream shops, you will definitely enjoy this cool online cooking game wherein you’ll take the role of the shopkeeper, managing your ice cream shop’s business using various gameplay elements. Players are assigned various tasks to perform within the game including dealing with customer requests, preparing menus, selling products and many others. There are also different challenges to meet throughout the course of the game. This cool iPhone title includes various bonuses that you can earn once you successfully manage your ice cream shop.

These are just three of the many amazing free games available for download on Apple’s iPhone. Get your groove on with one or more of these exciting cooking games now! You can also try other apps that are available in the iTunes App Store such as iRibbit, Papas Toons, etc. to enhance your enjoyment of iPhone’s amazing features. Find more great free iPhone app downloads by visiting my blog today.