Magyaregregy lies in a valley in the beautiful green Mecsek Mountains. By foreigners hardly discovered, Magyaregregy is a charming village with around 1,000 inhabitants. Magyaregregy is one of the most beautiful locations in the Mecsek Mountains. Magyaregregy has a pool. This pool is right in front of the campsite.

At about 20 km lies the beautiful lake of Orfű.

At 30 km lies the historic city of Pécs. Pécs is a charming city with many sights from the Roman and Turkish time and where you can enjoy shopping, nightlife and visit a museum.

The old town of Pécs has a Mediterranean feeling, with numerous cafes and shops. You could also visit the modern shopping mall Árkád. Every Sunday there is a large market.

From Magyaregregy you can make countless trips. For example visit Abaliget which has lots of caves and has a bat museum, the famous Hungarian wine regions Siklos, Szekszárd and Villány. In the spas Harkány, Magyarhertelend and Sikonda Komló are closer to our location. The sculpture park in Villány, the castles of Magyaregregy, Pécsvárad, Siklós and Szigetvár. The old mosque in Pecs.

camping_mare_varaThe open-air museum Szenna and Sellye and the egg and textile museum in Zengővárkony or Pince galéria in Nagypall which is organized every year.

The Gemenc National Park runs a tourist train from where various types of wildlife can be spotted.

In the immediate vicinity lies a equestrian, there are hiking and biking routes and other sports and leisure activities (swimming, tennis, fishing, mountain biking, etc.) Just outside the village, near the famous Máré Vár, an old castle.

The campsite is uniquely situated to various hiking routes in the mountains and by the Eastern Mecsek.