Love Games

Love Games is the perfect way to enhance your relationship or liven up a celebration. Why? Because games bring people together! The love game is the one game that brings two people together whether they be lovers friends, family or co-workers. Game play can be as simple as having a board game at work or a dinner party where everyone joins in on the fun. The variety of games is amazing.

What is a game show, anyway? A game show is a theatrical presentation in which the actors perform various tricks and are judged by a panel of game experts who determine the “nerdy” player. For instance, the game show format is often used for couples trying to find out if they are compatible. A game show can be an effective way to find out. For instance, game shows have been used to analyze relationships – How do you keep your spouse happy?

Natalie and Matt, from The Golden Compass (Pixar’s Finding Nemo) have created their own love game named after their movie. Their game called As Good As You was inspired by their relationship and incorporated many of the themes from the movie. Natalie and Matt both like to think about their relationship constantly and play their game whenever it is convenient for them. For example, when Matt bought their car, they spent several months playing a game to see if they would buy the same car.

Game shows are not just for couples, of course. One of the most popular game shows on television is The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It is not uncommon to see newlyweds playing this game show as a “dating game.” Game shows like This Or That, Bachelor Party, and Bachelor Party II have also incorporated elements from love games to create exciting new game shows for couples to enjoy.

Many men have enjoyed seeing bad girls eliminated from dating shows. In reality, bad girls are often the butt of many jokes. Sometimes a man will be watching a show where the bad girls get eliminated and he will start to mimic what is being said on screen. For instance, he might say to himself, “I guess the ugly girl got dumped, so now I need to create my own dating game!”

There are many shows that use game show format to help couples improve their love life. They can help couples find out more about each other, create silly games, and give each partner something to do during their time alone together. Love games can really open up communication and make a long distance couple feel close again.