Mermaid Games

Play the latest free Mermaid Games for free now. Have collected over 16 different attractive mermaid games for you to enjoy on LittleGames. They come with top selling games like Mermaid Princess New Makeup, Mermaid Vs Princess and School Popularity Guide for Princess girls. These games are great online flash games that can be played by children as young as three.

This is a non stop fun game that features both the mermaids and the fish in a comfy swimsuit. Two teams of two players each are given a board with 24 mermaids representing different characters from different parts of the world. Each player has to dive down into the sea to collect as many mermaids as possible. The game is over when all the mermaids have been found on the board. The winning team is the one that finds the most mermaids.

Another fun game involves this classic fairy tale with a twist. Players take turns steering their boats through an enchanted ocean filled with mermaids. The object of the game is to guide your boat through the sea while avoiding hitting anything and everything, including the mermaid ariving on your way. The game ends when all the boats have passed through the enchanted sea.

This fun little mermaid games are a great addition to any kids party. With this game you have to throw a big event and inform your guests. It consists of throwing a ball in a large pit which will bounce back. Then have everyone stand in a circle so that they can toss the ball at other players. If the ball bounces off any part of the field then the game is over and you have lost.

You can find lots of different mermaid games online as well as in stores. They are a lot of fun to play and easy to teach to younger children. If you are having a children’s party then you should definitely consider some of these fun games for the birthday child or children. Some of these even have an age limit to make it even more exciting. The most popular game that I see played at children’s birthday parties is the swim out in the mermaid pool games.

The game is simple enough to explain to the children. They all get a life jacket and wear it as they swim out to the edge of the water. As the game is beginning, the music stops and everyone starts to clap and sing silly songs as they go under the water. As the music stops the mermaid party has just started!