Monkey Games

Want to play Monkey Games? Now win big with Monkey Money, a unique new slot game with an all-encompassing fun jungle theme, a bonus of 50% off any deposit, or otherwise help get the hungry monkeys away from trouble in Monkey Trouble 2. The only sure thing is that these monkey games aren’t quite as fun as a barrel of hungry monkeys running riot!

In Monkey Money the players take on the roll of a swindler who wants to make some easy money in a jungle setting. First, they must pick a pocket card, which has three letters printed in gold on it in the shape of a dollar sign. If they hit on the correct letter they win – and if they pick the wrong letter… Well, the swindler loses and their money gets stolen. On subsequent rolls a swindler must try and pickpocket as many guests as possible. Guests can be diagonally (facing) fed into the cage or horizontally (moving around), whichever the player decides works better. They are also able to select a different colored ball that will change color when it reaches the end of the tube, so the player has to keep picking different colors in order to keep the game moving forward.

Once the players have reached the conclusion of the game, they have to line up bananas on the platform where they “willingly” be fed. The first person to hit their designated bananas and place them in the basket wins. In addition, there are three other levels in Monkey Games that make things even more complicated and exciting – the highest being “match 3 games”.

Monkey Boy is perhaps the most well-known game in this series and it has been featured on numerous TV shows, including Extreme Home Fitness, The New American Game Show, The Weakest Link, Wheel of Fortune, and more. As one might expect, there is a large amount of programming dedicated to this wildly popular game. There are many games available for both children and adults of all ages – though the ones geared toward younger children are often not as fun and interactive, and some of the adult versions can be too challenging for many younger children. There are a few notable exceptions – namely, the insane banana quest and the crazy monkey game. These are two of the most challenging games in the series and I would not recommend them to kids who are younger than ten because they can be very frustrating.

There are also a special sticker book and DVD, where the game is played in the same way as the TV show. In addition, there is also a cut-out poster that comes with the games featuring the voice of Monkey Boy creator, Kiyo Takahashi. This is where the true spirit of Monkey Games comes into play – as you learn how to perform each move, you hear the clever jokes told by the voice of the creator himself, proving that Monkey Boy is more than just another flash game. There are over 45 characters to collect, as well as many unlockable items, including the ever important banana. It’s the kind of game that will grow with your child, as they learn how to perform the wacky stunts that are part and parcel of playing Monkey Boy.

To play the game, you have to pickle the fruit that are thrown to you using your finger. You can then load your piggy bank to allow you to have more than one shot at the fruit, before it has completely dropped off into your lap, making it impossible to pickle the same fruit again! Once you’ve collected all the required fruit, you hear the lovable Monkey Boy admits his crime, before he trips on his own ball and lands badly in a pile of manure… giving you the chance to help him escape from his cage and start his new life in an orphanage.